Friday, January 22, 2010

John LiButti - Martial Force Magazine Interview

" . . . my strong point is in teaching Bujin “Warrior Spirit”, I teach that anything is possible and there are no limitations. Because of my situation, I have had to learn how to adapt to specific moves and or technique."

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

John LiButti, Sensei

Yondan – 4th degree – U. S. Kodokan, Aikijitsute
Shodan – 1st degree – Iaido, American Kendo Federation

Sensei John LiButti began his martial arts training
in 1980. Since then, he’s had the opportunity
to learn from outstanding martial artists, including
Hanshi Steve Malanoski, Shihan Eddie Torres,
Professor Lou Ferrer, and Iaido Instructor Sensei
John Prough. But it was after losing his leg
and paralyzing one arm in a motorcycle accident
in 1989 that Sensei LiButti met the most influential
teacher of his life; double amputee and Grand Master
Ted Vollraft. “It was then,” John says,
“that my martial arts training truly began.”
Sensei LiButti now utilizes his unique blend of skills,
patience and intense training technique to help students
of all levels and physical capabilities. As an instructor
at Kindai Bushido Kai in Union City, NJ, and as assistant
instructor at Koguma Dojo in Hoboken, NJ, Sensei LiButti
has inspired countless students of all ages and skill levels.
In addition to his teaching accomplishments, Sensei LiButti
has received awards at various tournaments in the
Tri-State area, where he’s performed personalized Katas.
Describing these Katas, Sensei LiButti says; “I’ve customized
these Katas not to allow for any perceived limitations,
but to demonstrate that in fact I have no limitations.”
Sensei LiButti’s philosophy on the martial arts
and all of life is a blend of humility and warrior spirit.
“For me, the dojo is training for life. The martial arts
are not a destructive art, they’re a caring art. It’s for
the development of body and mind and overcoming
our limitations, no matter what they are. Most of all,
it’s about instilling every aspect of one’s life with Bujin,
the Warrior Spirit. I consider all of what I have as a gift.”